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Modern Homestead Market & Mercantile

The Modern Homestead Market and Mercantile includes the pumpkin patch and a variety colored mums and pumpkins.  Pumpkins are priced based on size and range from $1 to $30.  The Modern Homestead Market has plenty of pumpkins to choose from - small to super large.  Corn stalks, hay bales, gourds and so much more to decorate your house inside and out for fall.

​The Modern Homestead Mercantile is filled with a variety of products ready for you to take them home and enjoy.  Home décor, t-shirts, candles, fall and Halloween décor and much more.  The Mercantile is a crowd favorite among all ages, as there is truly something for everyone.  Upon entering you will smell the amazing scent of our fall favorite candles.  The Mercantile employees are ready to help and answer any questions you might have!  We can’t wait to see what you pick to take home from the Mercantile.

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